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Welcome to my website.  I guess a few words about my past are in order. I was born at the Mayo clinic where my father was studying for his master’s degree in general surgery. I grew up in northwestern Pennsylvania, and moved with my family to Wilmington, Delaware during the summer before my senior year in high school.  After graduating from Tower Hill School in Wilmington, I went off to the University of Virginia where I majored in English.

I have been passionate about writing for as long as I can remember.  I began writing in grade school and wrote short stories throughout high school. While in college, I completed two novels.

Unfortunately, when I graduated from College work began occupying most of my time.  Over the years I completed a couple novels, but between supporting and raising a family with all the commitments that implies, there was little time for serious writing.  However, now that I have left the financial business, I am free to write as much as I wish. REGGAE JIHAD is one of five novels I have completed in the past couple years.

I have two other passions in life, sailing and dogs. Twice I have sailed my own boat  from down east Maine as far south as the Caribbean island of Grenada, ninety miles off the coast of South America.  When I recently sold my forty-four foot cutter, I had twenty-seven thousand miles on the log, more than once around the world.

Another passion has been dogs.  I have owned up to four at once, each of a different breed.  While it is hard to choose which breed I like best, retired greyhounds have to be near the top of my list. Also Westie terriers. 

Once I had a wonderful husky-shepherd mix who showed up at the door on Easter Sunday and stayed for sixteen years.  Currently I am reduced to a single Westie.  He is good company, but I’m thinking maybe he needs a friend.

I hope you enjoy my website, and that if you have any comments or suggestions, you will email them to me.  I promise to diligently answer any queries.


Cody Sargent battles homegrown terrorists assassinating American evangelical ministers in retaliation for their public Koran burnings. Cody’s investigation takes him beyond the killers to an international organization radicalizing American Muslims, resulting in Cody himself becoming a target of the very assassins he is hunting.

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MARIACHI MONEY weaves a tale of murder and deception in the unlikely business of mushroom farming. How are the Mexicans who work the farms amassing such a fortune? Cody Sargent is detemined to find out and stay alive in the process.

Avalaible now on in print and for Kindle starting at $2.99.

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REGGAE JIHAD is a thriller about a dying Saudi billionaire’s personal jihad to gain entrance to paradise by decimating the US gasoline supply, and the struggle of Cody Sargent, a former navy SEAL, to thwart it.

Avalaible now on in print and for Kindle starting at $2.99.

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Caleb Smith Factoid:

I have set foot on every island in the eastern Caribbean except three.  They are Anguilla, Barbuda, and Saba.

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